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Creation of digital terrain models (DGM) and orthophotos


Photogrammety from drone flying


Very large areas can be flown on with a drone within a very short time, even areas that are difficult to access are no problem. The data recorded is very well suited for surveying, analysis and simulation.


We calculate point clouds, up-to-date Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), orthophotos and GIS landscape models from the data recorded by drone.

Digital Elevation Models (DEM) show the structure of the earth's surface and represent the actual spatial situation. They serve as a basis for a variety of applications - especially in engineering - such as the modelling of water catchment areas. Thus, potential hazards for soil erosion, mudslides etc. can be analysed.

Orthophotos are distortion-free and true-to-scale images of the earth's surface and are suitable for detailed representations and planning as well as a basis for geographic information systems (GIS).


Digitales HöhenmodellDigital terrain models can be used in the following areas:

  • Calculation of hazard potentials and simulation for flood, soil erosion, avalanches, noise protection
  • Planning in the field of traffic, energy, radio network
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Disaster control management
  • Risk management for forest and area fires
  • Visualization and progress control of construction projects
  • Volume calculations (earth masses, gravel, landfills etc.)
  • Irradiation values for efficiency calculation of photovoltaic modules


Services Flying Detection

Digitales Geländemodell Kiesgrube

Flying Detection helps you to create and calculate these high-resolution digital terrain models and orthophotos - from drone surveys to the calculation of digital terrain models and GIS modelling (e.g. calculation of water catchment areas). In order to achieve the highest accuracy, additional control points (GCPs) are recorded in the terrain and included in the modelling. 

If you have already carried out your own surveys, we will be happy to calculate the models you require from the images (provided the quality of the data supplied is sufficient).



Gravel pits or other types of terrain can be flown over within a few minutes in order to create digital terrain models (DGM/ DEM) from the data obtained. These can be output in various formats.

When processed further in a geographical information system (GIS), contour lines etc. can be created in addition to volume calculations.


Mesh models can also be created for further processing with a CAD program. The models are very high-resolution and usually have to be downscaled for further processing because the resolution is too high for CAD programs.



  • Fast, cost-effective solution
  • Very accurate, with high resolution
  • Surveying as well as DEM and mesh generation possible from one day processing time



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